Auxiliary functions

IQClab comprises various auxiliary functions. The following table provides an overview with links to the detailed descriptions.

fAugssAugment state space realizationsDetails
fBasisGenerate basis functions for IQC-multipliersDetails
fBodePZBode plot with pole-zero indicationDetails
fBodeMagPZBode magnitude plot with pole-zero indication Details
fBoundvarImpose bound on matrix variableDetails
fCleanupsysClean-up a state space realizationDetails
fCoprimePerform a coprime factorization and get Bezout identityDetails
fCutfigCut away white spaces in a figureDetails
fEigfacFactorize symmetric matrix into spectral J formDetails
fHeGenerate symmetric matrix A+A^TDetails
fHinfbalrealCompute H_\infty-balanced realizationDetails
fIntkerextCompute orthonormal bases of two matrices A and BDetails
fInvCompute inverses of matrices, while exploiting propertiesDetails
fInvprojPerform inverse projection (Projection Lemma)Details
fJGenerate J matrices Details
fJfac Factorize symmetric matrix into spectral J form Details
fJt Generate J matrices Details
fKronCompute Kronecker products with uncertain matricesDetails
fLFTdataExtract data from an LFT and automatically create uncertainty block with iqcdelta for quickly setting up an IQC-analysisDetails
fLyapextExtend Lyapunov matrices in different fashionsDetails
fMultiplextExtend full-block multiplier matrices in different fashionsDetails
FmultssMultiply two state-space realizationsDetails
fOblkdiagCreate block off-diagonal matricesDetails
fPlantexExtend plant for IQC analysis and pad with identity/zero blocksDetails
fQCompute A^TPA given A and BDetails
fRPCompute robust performance margin using mssvDetails
fRS Compute robust stability margin using mssv Details
fSchurCompute Schur complement of block structured matrixDetails
fSquareFactorize IQC-multipliers to have square, stable outer-factors Details
fss2mCreate LMI outer-factors from state space objectsDetails
fsskronCompute G\otimes I_{nr} for G=ss(A,B,C,D)Details
fTCreate permutation matricesDetails
fTriangCreate triangular matrices Details
fVecVectorize a matrix in different fashionsDetails
fWGenerate weighting function for covering Details

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