The function fBodePZ(\omega,fignr,G_1,sty1,leg1) generates a Bode pot of the (possibly MIMO) system G_1 together with the location of the zeros and poles (which are indicated by circles and poles along the magnitude and phase plots. The inputs are:

  • \omega is the frequency vector
  • fignr is the figure number of the plot
  • G_1 is the transfer matrix or state space realization of the system
  • sty1 is the style of the line to be plotted (e.g., sty=’b-‘)
  • leg1 is the legend info

In addition, it is possible to display a second Bode plot of another system G_2 as follows:

    \[fBodePZ(\omega,fignr,G_1,sty1,leg1 ,G_2,sty2,leg2).\]

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