Solve LMIs

The function iqcsolve allows solving LMI problems. This proceeds by specifying either one of the following options:

  • iqcprob=iqcsolve(iqcprob)
  • iqcprob=iqcsolve(iqcprob,minvar)

This code either checks whether the LMI problem is feasible or minimizes the (scalar) variable minvar subject to the given LMI constraints if the second input argument is specified.

If a feasible solution of the LMI problem is obtained, the function iqcdec2mat allows to retrieve the numerical values of an LMI variable. This proceeds by specifying

  • var=iqcdec2mat(iqcprob,var)

with iqcprob being the IQC problem class, and var the LMI variable.

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