The final function among the model reduction (or rather controller post-processing) tools is the function fModRed. This function combines all model reduction functions through a graphical user interface, which allows you to perform a model reduction in five steps.

The operation proceeds by specifying $G_\mathrm{red}(G,\omega)$, where $G=ss(A,B,C,D)$ is a stable continuous time state space object, while $\omega=[\omega_1,\ldots,\omega_N]$ is the frequency vector, which dictates the plotting range.

The following optional steps can be executed respectively:

fMorPerform an initial model order reduction by balanced truncationDetails
fRFZPRemove “fast” poles and zerosDetails
fSmoothSmoothen a certain frequency band (can be more than 1 intervals)Details
f2C21RReplace a complex zero or pole pair with one real zero or poleDetails
fMorPerform a final model order reduction by balanced truncation Details

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