Installation guide

To run IQClab, you need the following software:

  • MATLAB + Control system toolbox + Robust control toolbox
  • Yalmip + supporting solvers

The installation proceeds as follows:

1Install Yalmip (
2Install any SDP solver supported by Yalmip, such as
– SDPT3 (free) (
– MOSEK (free for academia,
– …
3 Open the function IQClab_install and specify the paths for:
IQCtoolbox_path = ‘name’;
Yalmip_path = ‘name’;
SDPT3_path = ‘name’;
Mosek_path = ‘name’;
– …

Note: You only need to do this step the first time you are using IQClab.
4 Run IQClab_install

Note: The tools were mostly tested in combination with MATLAB 2019b and Yalmip release R20190425. Furthermore, so far, no incompatibilities have been observed in later versions.